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“Upon the certainty of a great past, we build the path to honor our future”.

Roberto Cuoghi


Cuoghi Quarter Horses’ story, like many stories of success, is intimately linked to that of the founder, Roberto Cuoghi, and to his particular vision of the breeding world. In his vision, the ideals of passion, patience, and foresight represent the bricks needed to create his monument to the Quarter Breed, monument that has very little comparisons in the world.

From the incredible attention dedicated to the facilities in Vignola, to the identification and consolidation of a working team committed to excellence: every shade of this project shows a devotion that transcends the existence of its present members, whether human or horse, and stands like a powerful warning for all those that share the illusion of being able to create a legend with a simple foal. Because this is exactly what we are talking about: dedicating endless time and endless resources in the research of that one horse that can make a difference and that can, in a single lead-change, in a single sequence of spins, in a single sliding stop, demonstrate the efforts of all of those people that saw in him a concrete occasion of leaving a trace of their journey on earth. Searching for that trace in the beauty and harmony of the noblest animal of all is, in truth, an admirable and touching task.

The sacredness of these words is legitimated by the figure of Snapper Cal Bar, a stallion that expressed that beauty and that harmony in the discipline of cutting. Furthermore, just when the European industry was in need, Snapper Cal Bar was able to stand as an undisputed point of reference even in the reining world, sire of unique athletes and broodmares. Snapper, and those management decisions that always distinguished the figure of Roberto, starting with the firm loyalty shown to an exceptional trainer like Kelly Zweiffel, led to the existence of the “Master Snapper” phenomenon, a horse whose appeal does not strictly reside in the titles he won, but in that role of ambassador of a peculiar philosophy – a consolidated team, a strong pragmatism, and a ceaseless quest for glory – that he exported worldwide when he conquered the NRHA Derby title, the first and only horse in history able to achieve this goal in spite of the fact that he was raised abroad.

The figure of Master Snapper places itself in that visible, yet immense, space that divides dreams from reality, the desire of greatness from the capability of achieving it, at the right hand of man that has the typical all-Italian ability of composing this dichotomy. An ability that took him to the presidency of the Italian Reining Horse Association, and allowed him to change it into one of the greatest and most respected reining horse associations worldwide.

Many things can be said about a life dedicated to horse breeding: possibly the truest one is that a piece of the team’s sacrifice and devotion can be seen even in a foal that plays in a paddock, in the flies that torment its days, in the emotion of a run towards the sunset, an ingenuous Don Quixote that simply ignores that its existence was wished, searched, and sustained with values that will exist many generations after it.

Pietro Artinghelli & Kelly Zweifel
– Resident trainers at Cuoghi Quarter Horses –
Valentina Martinotti
Valentina Martinotti
– Assistant Trainer at Cuoghi Quarter Horses –
Eleonora Levati
Eleonora Levati
– Breeding Manager at Cuoghi Quarter Horses –
  • Snapper Cal Bar
    The legendary SNAPPER CAL BAR (1981-2001)
    1984 NCHA Futurity Non Pro Champion
    1985 NCHA Derby Open Champion
    – Founder stallion at Cuoghi Quarter Horses –

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